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Read What Our Parenting Class Participants Have Said

Leslie, your program was great!  The classroom dynamics and discussions were on point and full of humor.  I had a number of "Ah Ha" moments regarding what motivates kids misbehaviors and what we as parents do at times that can promote difficulties with them.   Your tools and strategies were easy to implement and made real changes for the better.  I'm telling people that these courses are a gift to your kids & family and a gift to yourself.  
Carrington White, MD   Pediatrician & Mother of 3

Kim, I just want to express my sincere appreciation. This class has been a Godsend. What a fulfilling job you have, and you do it with passion, experience, and real skill. Of all the books and programs and research, I finally believe in and can live the process Positive Discipline reveals. I now have the skills and understanding which I was seeking to be the best parent I can be. I look forward to the next class on how not to parent my children into my perceptions and learn to be a "Whale Done" parent ;-)  Thank you all so much and God bless.
Paul Foglia, Systems Programmer, SAS

Leslie, we loved every minute of your lecture series and cannot wait for the full series again.  
Reem Utterback, MD  Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist & Mom

I loved your sibling rivalry class!  I have 3 young children (7, 5 and 2) and am amazed at how often I refer to what we discussed in this class when my kids are arguing or there is just a general lack of harmony in the house.  The class gave me a lot of great real life tools, but it also provided some insights into the "whys" of sibling behavior that have truly changed the way my husband and I approach parenting.  I want to take a refresher every 6 months!      
Mallory Underwood, Attorney

Kim came to Birmingham, AL to speak to parents that are professionals and successful in the big world, but wanted help with positive parenting in their small world called home.  I was impressed with her ability to communicate with our group of men & women.  Her 3-hour class was extended to 4-5 hours, because we all wanted more.  She has outstanding talents in getting her point across and has a true passion for teaching positive discipline. Her class provided us with broad overview about raising happy, well-adjusted children.  She is truly amazing and encouraging.  I wish she did not live so far away. 
Nancy Bynon, RN   Mother of 2

I attended the Positive Discipline course and found it to be a very practical, appropriate, and insightful program. I enjoyed it so much I requested Kim provide on-site training for our preschool staff. It provided a great opportunity for teams to work together and for everyone to gain clearer understanding of positive techniques.
Diane Arsenault, Child Care Program Manager, SAS Preschool

I thoroughly enjoyed your parenting classes.  The tools, tips and techniques that I learned are logical, practical, and effective.  These classes are not just useful to parents, but also to teachers, nannies, and other child care specialists.  Thank you for increasing the fun parts of my job and helping to make the not-so-fun parts more tolerable and less frequent.
Beth Bumgarner, Child Care Professional

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