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The Discovery Course, The Exploration Course and The Empowerment Course are each three-week programs.  The classes meet weekly for two hours each session.  Six hours for each individual course -- eighteen hours for the complete curriculum.  Meant for creating happier family relationships and improving parenting skills for those with children ages 18 months to 18 years.

The Brain Behind Behavior
Individual cost for this Course is $25.
"Parenting is about PARENTS. It is not about kids or it would be called KIDDING." Hal Runkel

THE BRAIN BEHIND BEHAVIOR has been enormously well received wherever we have presented it. We will spend 90 minutes helping Moms, Dads and caregivers develop a greater understanding of the adult, adolescent and child brain.

Brain development has a powerful impact on parenting and relationships. We can and do shape the wiring of our children's brains. Their intellectual growth as well as their emotional health and development take their cues from us.

The Discovery Course
Individual cost for this Course is $98. Cost for both parents to attend is $146.
Introduces you to practical tools, strategies and tips grounded in Adlerian psychology and encapsulated with the words:  mutual dignity and respect.  This course helps you focus on the fundamental issues fueling your child's poor choices so that misbehaviors can be rooted out permanently.  This course presents sound parenting principles and delivers a realistic parenting game plan.  This allows for an immediate, positive impact on your relationship with your kids while dramatically reducing your childrearing stress.  This is the starting point for making your parenting journey one of enjoyment rather than simply one of survival.

The Exploration Course
Individual cost for this Course is $98. Cost for both parents to attend is $146.
Builds on the more enjoyable and effective family relationships that were established as a result of The Discovery Course.  The goal now is to help children develop the mindset for self-reliance, accountability and resilience.  The Family Meeting is introduced here, as it is powerful at fostering the perceptions needed to develop a sense of individual capability, significance and influence.  The difficulties of parenting in the setting of relative affluence are addressed as well as the importance of chores and other ways for children to contribute to home and community.  The effective use of allowance as a tool to learn about money, to practice saving and to delay gratification is presented.  The careful use of Natural and Logical consequences allows kids to learn that ALL of their choices have their attendant outcomes -- pleasurable as well as uncomfortable.  Internalizing the lesson of consequentiality, at a young age, when the stakes are not so high is critical to success in adult life.

The Empowerment Course
Individual cost for this Course is $98. Cost for both parents to attend is $146.
Is the capstone of the Parenting Quests program.  The positive parenting tools, strategies and core principles that are becoming second nature due to the impact of the Discovery and Exploration courses are now used chiefly for skill building.  The aim is to help kids develop mastery in Intrapersonal Skills -- self-assessment, self-control and self-discipline and The Interpersonal Skills -- effective communication, negotiation and empathy.  Anger management and conflict resolution training is presented at this time.  In order to maximize our effectiveness in developing these abilities in our children we will discuss the workings and needs of their developing brains.  The important topic of Executive Function is addressed as it relates to distractibility, planning and organizing their time.  Finally we help you guide your kids to make decisions with insight and integrity and navigate organizations with flexibility and confidence as the focus shifts to Judgment skills and Systemic skills development.

The Teen and Tween Course
Individual cost for this Course is $98. Cost for both parents to attend is $146.
Effectively parenting teens and tweens does not require different principles than those presented above.  What it frequently does seem to demand, however, is more bravery, wit and thick skin.  That these young people are startlingly close to leaving the nest and flying on their own, lends a sense of urgency to these last ports of call in parenting them.  Adlerian principles are put into practice here with the focus on the unique circumstances of the adolescent.  Dignity and respect are still fundamental, the message of love must still get through and that they know you are on THEIR side is even more critical.  Issues, tools and positive strategies specific to the older child are addressed.  The topics of sex, tobacco, drugs and academic apathy are tackled.  Foundational to all of the above is the need to establish and maintain effective communication with your child while they KNOW that you love them and FEEL that love.  Our 4 week course made up of two-hour weekly sessions helps you communicate effectively with your teen / tween while loving and guiding them into responsible independence.  Enjoying this part of the parenting journey is indeed possible - let us show you how.


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