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This test is a very simplified version of one we do in the first class of the Discovery Course. It is meant to help people determine what their default personality characteristics are in stressful circumstances (as in many parenting situations). It suggests the Default Mode of Operation we adopt when we are hurried, irritated, hungry, tired or overworked. This is NOT how we typically behave when we are relaxed, rested and well fed.

On the asset side, the Comfort Priority type enjoys life's simple pleasures and models the benefits of being easygoing. This type is flexible, usually enjoys the company of others and is likely to "go with the flow". The Comfort Priority type is excellent at being-in-the-moment and is more richly endowed with the ability to enjoy their children than the other types. A deficit for this Priority Type might be having a greater regard for ease and comfort than the need for planning and goal setting. This can be reflected in few routines and diminished productivity. This default personality type can sometimes invite permissiveness and / or anxiety in those around them.

As a parent here is something to think about. It may seem counter intuitive, but a go-with-the-flow parenting style can be stressful for kids. Children actually crave the predictability of routines -- not that they are aware of it. It is calming for them to know what can be expected on a regular basis. Structure in home life provides security in much the same way as guardrails on a mountain road. If you start to spin a bit out of control, you know something is there to keep you from falling over the edge. Developing and adhering to a few clear routines can go a long way to creating a calm home and paradoxically more comfort for you and your kids.

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