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This test is a very simplified version of one we do in the first class of the Discovery Course. It is meant to help people determine what their default personality characteristics are in stressful circumstances (as in many parenting situations). It suggests the Default Mode of Operation we adopt when we are hurried, irritated, hungry, tired or overworked. This is NOT how we typically behave when we are relaxed, rested and well fed.

The Excellence Priority type models success and achievement. This type is knowledgeable, precise and confident. There is clarity regarding the right way and the wrong way to complete a task or reach a goal. Those with this priority can easily discern quality - or the lack there of. On the flip side this Priority Type may come across as a bit preachy or as a know-it-all. The standards may be so high that feelings of inadequacy may develop in those around them. This can lead others to create emotional distance from this type.

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