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Kim's Parenting Story:

The day my husband and I learned that our son had Asperger's Syndrome, life changed. In that indefinable moment, my high-spirited, curious little 8 year old was given a diagnosis that could label him as "less-than-perfect" for the rest of his life. As a mother, I was forced to look at life in a way that was difficult to comprehend.

I quickly realized I had a choice to make, one that would directly affect my child's future success. I could live in denial or press forward, learning new parenting techniques that would enable me to help my son express his unique qualities and strengths, and flourish.

I was on a quest. I began by reading and listening to everything possible about how to parent kids with special needs. My ultimate goal was to learn how to be the best advocate, mentor and parent for my child. This quest led me into the field of Positive Discipline, where I ultimately achieved certification as an instructor.

The parenting techniques I learned led to huge improvements in my son's behavior and his reaction to an environment that sometimes overwhelmed him. They also gave me the courage to reflect on my own parenting style, and some of my own negative reactions that I longed to change. I began encouraging the behaviors that I wanted my son to show more of, and focused less on what he was doing wrong. It worked! He became more confident, reached outside his comfort zone, and discovered capabilities he didn't know he possessed.

This wasn't just a "pie-in-the-sky" theory I was practicing. We all have limits on our patience, and kids who know how to push our buttons! But the new parenting techniques were very practical and down-to-earth. They gave me options at the moments when I might otherwise have lost my temper or felt helpless, and showed me how to create a home environment in which those moments happened far less often.

In the end, it was not just the two of us who were dramatically impacted. My other two sons, who are considered more "typical" children, also responded positively to the new, positive discipline. They began contributing more to our family, the rivalry between them diminished, and we began to see fewer power struggles. Overall, we were a family transformed by a new understanding of each member's need to belong and feel significant.

Practicing and teaching Positive Discipline has helped me discover a surprising purpose beyond my relationship with my three boys. I've found fulfillment in sharing this wonderful knowledge with other parents. I'm now able help those parents identify the root of most problem behaviors, and re-direct their focus to changing the behavior, not the child.

Whether it is Asperger's Syndrome, or behavioral challenges like sibling rivalry and temper tantrums... every family has blemishes that can be transformed into blessings. By incorporating the principles of mutual dignity & respect, and the tools of Positive Discipline, I have seen harmony restored in my own home and in the homes of the many families with whom I've worked. These are the values and tools that I bring to each Parenting Quests class I teach and to each parent I help.

We are all on a "quest" to help our children realize their full potential in a healthy, harmonious family environment. It is my heartfelt passion to assist you in your own parenting quest. Along with my co-founder, Dr. Leslie Marshall, I invite you to join me in a life-changing class that can equip you to become the parent you truly want to be. Remember, we are on this journey with you!

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