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What Classes With Parenting Quests Can Offer You

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Imagine trading the "Morning Scream" for a pleasant morning routine . . . At Parenting Quests we are fueled by a daily appreciation of the hysterical and absurd while grounded in the principles of mutual dignity and respect. Our mission is to help you laugh at yourself and laugh at your kids while gaining invaluable skills and understanding about child rearing.

How would it be to motivate and trust your teen rather than micromanaging and doubting her? Think about a family meal that nourishes your body and warms your heart, instead of dinnertime that raises your pressure and frays your nerves. Learn positive, effective ways to teach your children to get their work done without a marathon length debate. Free yourself from yelling, nagging, coercing or bribing them to follow through. With humor and grace, Parenting Quests will help you understand what drives misbehaviors as you develop the skills necessary to address problems at their root cause.

Parenting is the most important job you've NEVER been trained to do . . . its hard work but you CAN Enjoy the Journey! We offer Parenting Classes and Seminars throughout the North Carolina Triangle. Contact us Today and Invite us to YOUR Community. Click to see our Parenting Classes in Raleigh, Cary, Durham and the Triangle.



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